Spring Cleaning Your Piece

Learn the best way to keep your bong or pipe freshly clean. Here are tips from our professional cannabis connoisseurs.

Spring cleaning is not only for your floors and windows. A bong and pipe deep clean on the regular is essential! The following cleaning method from our very own, Budtender John, will get your smoking accessories sparkling. This easy approach should be used regularly so that you can truly taste the flavor profiles of your dank buds. Don’t ruin your high-quality weed with a dirty piece! And don’t try to boil in a pot! You will not only ruin the pot forever, but you risk breaking your glass piece!

Supplies to procure from your local grocery, hardware, or drug store:

• Epson salt or rock salt
• Rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl)
• Plastic wrap
• Rubber bands
• Pipe cleaners and cotton swabs
• Plastic gloves
• Disposable plastic container to soak small bong pieces

Easy steps to a shiny clean bong or pipe:

1. Gather supplies. Set up your work area near a sink. Put on gloves so your hands remain resin and stink free.
2. Rinse piece(s) with hot water to get any chunky bits out.
3. Fill a disposable container with rubbing alcohol and soak any small pieces -bong stems, bowls etc. Add your salt to the main piece. Then add alcohol.
4. Cover any holes with plastic wrap and secure with rubber bands.
5. Shake, shake, shake!
6. Dump the dirty solution down the toilet as to not clog or stink up sink.
7. You may have to repeat steps if your bong is super dirty. Use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab to detail. Rinse again with hot water. Dry or put in sun and you are ready to puff.